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About Little Classics

Land Rover SIIaThe classic car and classic motorcycle industry has grown massively over recent years. We have seen cars come back from the dead and prices rise astronomically for certain makes and models.

However, at the heart of it all, there is the same core: those that aren’t buying investments or show-pieces: the classic enthusiasts that care about the machines and see them as more than just nuts and bolts.

Little Classics has spawned from many years of interest in classic cars and motorbikes by the owner Tom Endean. There were no easy options here. From buying a 1963 SIIA Land Rover as his very first car (looked great next to the Fiestas and Novas in the school car park) to later buying a 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 in 1999 as an everyday car – he says he needed something more practical than the Land Rover!

TRiumph Spitfire 1500Classic cars and bikes may not be as practical, reliable, fast, comfortable, or as affordable as some of their more modern counterparts, but they have character – and this character gives them soul. Try imagining having to choose which car to crush; a 1960s Mini Cooper, or a 2013 Mini Cooper. The BMW reincarnation is a better car in so many ways, but it is just a product of marketing. The original mini is lovable, mould-breaking and has soul.

The Little Classics website will evolve and grow to include a wide variety of resources, articles, guides and links to help keep classic cars and classic motorbikes alive and kicking.

At this stage it is a modest project run with limited resources (powered mainly by the passion for keeping these machines running – and tea, there’s also a lot of tea). In the future, who knows!


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