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Tom EndeanPointless Opinions

Tom Endean providing his musings, opinions, thoughts, reflections… whatever you want to call them.

They’re just the ramblings of someone who doesn’t really know what they’re talking about, written badly. Essentially, this is just therapy.

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Pointless Opinions

Will we lose our skills?

When we used to make things, most of those things were built by hand. It meant that when something went wrong with your car or bike you could fix it. But what about now?...
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Classic Owners are Better Drivers

Are we all a bit lazy and crashy if we spend too much time in our modern cars? Maybe a bit more time with motorcycles and classics will make us all better drivers…
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When fuel is short, some are more equal than others

Are eco cars the saviour of classics? Are all cars equal? Do lions hand out bits of zebra? And what happens when the earth’s fuel light comes on? Tom thinks he has the answer and is happy to start making a list…
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Clone wars

Many rare classic cars and bikes spawn numerous replicas. I love some and absolutely hate other, thinking that the creator should be forced to lick the exhaust manifold after a 50 mile drive. It all depends on what type of replica it is. So here's my guide...
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Can classics be art?

Many arty types will tell you that for something to be art, it needs to have no functional purpose, which means many objects cannot be art no matter how well designed they are, either aesthetically, or functionally – such as our beloved classic cars and motorcycles...
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Classic owners are nicer people

People who own classics, care for their cars and bikes that bit more, like you do a pet – or that's the impression we give to many. Somehow this makes us seem more trustworthy and less likely to stab the first person that stops to help us...
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Nostalgia: The arch enemy of taste

take out your old records, tapes or CDs and forget the memories, but instead listen to the lyrics and the song for what they really are. Some will justify your misty-eyed attachment to the masterpiece before you. Some will start to unveil themselves as the ugly date-in-sober-eyes that they really are...
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You’ve gotta have soul!

A little green man visiting this planet, with the knowledge of what we need from a car would say that the Honda is clearly better than any of my previously mentioned cars. In fact they would probably call all of the other cars insufficient on many levels....
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