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Little Classics News: 15 September 2013

New and Old From the Land of the Rising Sun: Santa Pod Jap Show Finale

Santa Pod Jap Show DatsunThe news that it’s almost the end of the season is never good, but it does at least give us all an excuse to sign off 2013 with a bang!

Doing just that will be the appropriately named ‘Japshow Finale’ at Santa Pod, celebrating the land of the rising sun, as the sun sets on the year’s automotive antics! No other Japanese car meet packs in the same heady mix of racing, show action and all round entertainment...

and this season, it’s bigger and better than ever!

Santa Pod Jap Show FinaleThe Japshow Finale, on the 29th September, is widely acclaimed as the ultimate season closer for the Japanese scene.

Whether you’re packing a mental Mitsubishi, Savage Swift - or have just nicked the keys to your Mum’s Cappuccino… then you’re going to love it!

Although many new and modified machines will be leading the pack, each year also attracts a few of the older and classic Japanese cars, either as veteran racers, or older un-loved cars that have been given a new lease of life with the aid of many hours or love and attention.

Santa Pod Jap ShowNaturally, Run What You Brung (RWYB) is running all day, with the entire meet being exclusively Jap-only. After all, running wheel to wheel against a field of like-minded enthusiasts is the only real way to prove what you - and your car are really made of.

Turning things up to ‘11’ are the boys and girls running in the Jap and FWD drag series. These are the next step up from RWYB and takes things to the level of true drag racing with Japanese Cars.

There’s also a general ‘Run What You Brung’ day on Saturday if you want to get your eye in, ready for the show! With an Eibach Pro-Kit up for grabs for the best time, expect to see some swift runs and cool customers…

Visitors who feel that their talents lie behind the wheel, may want to get themselves onto the handling circuit for the Podkhana competition. Running side by side, this Jap-only elimination format whittles down competitors to find Japshow’s true driving legends!

Santa Pod Jap Show DriftingThe tight twists and turns here allow the smaller and older cars to shine against some of the bigger machinery - and it’s not unheard of for a well driven classic to take down a big-BHP Skyline. Naturally, The Pod has also assembled the UK’s best drifters on site to dazzle your eyes and offend your nostrils with their tyre smoking antics.

Those who like a little ‘show’ to complement all of this ‘go’ should get themselves over to the Show Car Paddock. No need to pre-register... Simply line up, sign up... And shine up! It’s as easy as that! If your car looks the part, why not break out the Autoglym and join in?

Fancy a new ride? The Autotrader cars for sale area may very well have your next pride and joy. With a healthy trade village on site, you can even do a deal and pick out a few choice mods before you leave! Add into the mix all of the usual off-track fun and games including the mobile dyno, stunt shows, fun fair and club areas and you’d be ori-mental to miss out!

For more details, please click to or call 01234 782828.


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