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Little Classics News: 2 July 2014

SKODA to Send Classic Trio to Silvretta Classic

SKODA 440 'Spartak'

SKODA will be sending a classic trio along the enchanting roads of this year’s Silvretta Classic. A newly restored 440 ‘Spartak’ from 1957 will be on the starting line, alongside a SKODA Felicia from 1961 and a SKODA 1101 Tudor built in 1948. This year will mark the 17th occasion of the Silvretta Classic, taking place in Montafron, Austria.

Traditionally, the Silvretta Classic is one of SKODA’s fixed dates in the annual calendar of vintage car events. Three fascinating automobile legends from Mladá Boleslav will be taking the breathtakingly beautiful route around the Silvretta Pass this weekend. “We will be sending some real highlights from our collection to Montafon, and they are sure to delight the both spectators and participants alike,” says Michal Velebný, coordinator of the SKODA museum’s restoration workshop.

An absolute treat for all fans of historic vehicles is the SKODA 440 'Spartak' (top) dating back to 1957. The striking rally car has been completely restored by SKODA over the last few years and is now being presented to the public for the first time at a classic car rally. The sporty Spartak has been faithfully reconstructed based on its legendary rally appearances in the mid-1950s.

SKODA Felicia

The turquoise-green roadster SKODA Felicia (above) dating back to 1961 is an inspiring representative of the 1960s. With its elegant shape and distinctive tail, the Felicia convertible is one of the most beautiful open vehicles of its time and is now extremely popular among collectors. The model taking part in the Silvretta is a vehicle from the historic corporate collection in Mladá Boleslav. The Felicia was manufactured between 1959 and 1964 and around 15,000 rolled off the production line. In addition to the softtop, a hardtop version was also available. The car features a four-cylinder engine with 50 hp, reaching speeds of up to 130 km/h.

The oldest SKODA car in Montafon will be the SKODA 1101 Roadster (below), better known as the ‘Tudor’ dating back to 1948. In its time, the vehicle was considered a real luxury and after 1948 was in the service of the Czech government. It was taken into the SKODA collection in 1969. The Tudor is an important SKODA representative of the automotive era after the Second World War. The classic car delivers 32 hp from its 1089cc engine.

SKODA 1101 Roadster

The Silvretta Classic in the Austrian Montafon Alpine valley is one of the longest-established vintage car rallies in Europe and will be taking place for the 17th time in 2014. The 530km rally follows a route through the most beautiful streets in Voralberg, and the Silvretta Alps up to the 2032m peak of the Bielerhöhe Pass. Precision is the key element here for each of the participants, who are only too aware that during the special stage, everything could boil down to a hundredth of a second.


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