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Little Classics News: 26 November 2013

H&H Bring Glamour and Rarity to December Auction

1930 Bentley 6.5 Litre Le Mans Team Car EvocationH&H Auctions have yet again assembled a mouth-watering collection of classic cars for their Chateau Impney Auction on the 4th December.

The auction star is the very beautiful 1930 Bentley 6.5 Litre Le Mans Team Car Evocation (above) – being used as the cover model of the auction brochure. Although not an original team Bentley racer, this is one of the best reproductions that you will find. The original cars are the competition stars of the veteran era and are almost priceless. Yet as this was adapted into this glamorous state only a decade ago, this may be more attainable. However, before you reach for your wallet, it is worth noting that there is no listed estimate or reserve. This tells us one thing: If you have to ask, you can’t afford it!

A few unusual classics

Amongst the glamorous and famous, ordinarily and unloved, lie a few forgotten classics. Although not always top of the bill, they will certainly set you apart from the rest. We have picked out our favourite five…

1928 Falcon Knight

1928 Falcon KnightFalcon Knight was a short-lived American brand, which was part of the Willys company (of Jeep fame). Only produced from 1927 to 1929, you are unlikely to see these about. This particular righthand drive car was built in Australia, in the original Holden Coachworks from parts imported from Detroit. It then remained in the same family for its first 60 years of life. Today it is thought to be the only Falcon Knight in the UK and only one of five in the world. Estimate: £18,000 - £22,000.

1951 AC 2-Litre Drophead Coupe

1951 AC 2-Litre Drophead CoupeThe AC name is well known for the Ace and the monstrous Cobra, with the larger cars often forgotten. This particular classic Drophead Coupe is one of only 11 ever made by AC and has spent a few years sitting in a dusty barn. The original 2 litre engine still survives, although the wrong side of the bodywork, with a Triumph 2000 unit sitting in its place. Luckily the original engine comes with the car. A lovely restoration project for a rare and largely unrecognised classic. Estimate: £9,000 - £12,000.

1952 Fiat 500 C Topolino

1952 Fiat 500 C TopolinoSay Fiat 500 and people know exactly what you’re talking about: That lovable tiny classic with its charismatic modern lookalike offspring. However, it was not the original Fiat 500. This original is much overlooked, but still a fabulous little classic – little being the main word here. Topolino translates from Italian into English as “baby mouse”, which fits perfectly with its place as one of the smallest production cars in the world when launched. As a lovely little classic ready to go, it would make a perfect first classic car – or something to fill that small gap in the garage! Estimate: £8,000 - £10,000.

1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

1958 Rolls-Royce Silver CloudOK, Rolls Royce is not an overlooked or unloved brand, but this particular car has been for a few years. This special version of the Silver Cloud is just one of 24 sports saloons produced by James Young, which commanded a 50 per cent premium over the factory version when new. For the past 20 years this regal classic has been the property of an international rock star. Little used upon acquisition, his subsequent relocation to Los Angeles prevented its planned restoration. The Roller has since been left in situ under a tarpaulin. Who will save it? Estimate: £5,000 - £7,000.

1975 Peugeot 304 Cabriolet

1975 Peugeot 304 CabrioletFitted with a factory reconditioned engine in 1986, this fabulous little convertible classic is perfect for cruising about on a sunny day. The poor little thing needs a bit of TLC to bring it back to life, which is why it's being accompanied by a friend (donor car). When in good condition, these rarely seen classics are super cool and a solid investment. Estimate: £1,000 - £2,000



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