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Little Classics News: 13 January 2014

Grandfather Bentley to Race Offspring

Classic Bentley RacingClassic and vintage racing is well-established in the UK these days, but we were intrigued when we heard that on Saturday, June 7th 2014, Donington Park will reverberate to the unmistakable sound of Bentley engines spanning nine decades – yes, that’s right, 90 years - as Bentleys of all ages come together in a unique one-marque race.

This spectacular sight of the iconic British marque at the legendary British circuit celebrates the 90th anniversary of Bentley’s first win at Le Mans and is being staged by the Bentley Drivers Club (BDC) at the AMOC Donington race meeting.

Already a tradition at the BDC annual race meeting at Silverstone, models spanning the decades will be out on track together for a 20-minute scratch race at Donington Park, a favourite circuit of racing legends and spectators alike. The sight and sound of Bentleys just a few months old hurtling towards Redgate or weaving their way round the Craner Curvers side by side with Bentleys old enough to be their grandparents - or even great-grandparents - is sure to be one race that fans will never forget.

Showcasing the racing heritage and diversity of the marque, this is a fabulous opportunity to witness some simultaneous open- and closed-wheel racing, with speed differentials equivalent to that at Le Mans between the prototypes and GT touring cars, as 3-litres, 3/4½s, 3/8’s, 4½s, Derbys, Mark VI Specials, the explosive 24-litre Bentley Napier and the Worthington brothers’ Mulsanne Turbo and technicolour Continental GT demonstrate their paces.

Classic Bentley RacingDuncan Wiltshire, Race Co-Ordinator for AMOC Racing, said “AMOC Racing are delighted that the Bentley Drivers Club will be racing at the AMOC Donington race meeting. Given the warm relations between the Aston Martin Owners Club and the Bentley Drivers Club over many decades, the Bentley race is a most fitting and welcome addition to our programme, which includes races for the AMOC Intermarque Championship, 50s Sports Cars and ‘Equipe’ GTs.”

Bentley Drivers Club Competitions Captain Sebastian Welch added, “The BDC is a comparatively small club, and organising a one-marque race at another race meeting is a significant achievement. We are thrilled to be celebrating the 90th anniversary of the first Bentley Le Mans win in this way with an extra race, and would like to thank AMOC Racing for inviting us to stage the race at AMOC Donington. We are sure it will prove hugely enjoyable for competitors and spectators.”


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