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Event Review: TSSC International Family Weekend
When: 16 – 18 August 2013
Venue: Stafford County Show Ground

50th for Triumph 2000 & Bond Equipe

Triumph Sport Six Club welcomes hundreds of Triumphs to Stafford, celebrating 50 years of the Triumph 2000 & Bond Equipe.

Little Classics SpitfireThe Little Classics Spitfire made it to Stafford! After resolving the slight flames-out-of-exhaust issue a few days earlier, the little car dealt with four and half hours of motorways and traffic without complaint. The driver on the other hand complained quite a lot.

As the Triumph world’s main annual event, the show attracts a hosts of owners, enthusiasts and suppliers to camp for the weekend, or just drop by to take in the event. This format ensures that the event becomes more than just a classic car show. In fact, is has more of a social weekend feel, with lots of old friends catching up and where beer is just as important as petrol.

Triumph GT6As with many classic cars shows, there is just as much joy from what you find in the car park as you do in the actual show.

In fact there always tends to be some of the best gems of the show hiding away amongst the day visitors, such as a stunning MK1 GT6, a whole line-up of Stags and a good selection of Heralds, Vitesses and TRS.

As always, the number of Spitfires showed that they are still one of the more popular affordable classics being kept on the road.

TSSC WeekendA particularly useful element of the show was the ability to have professionals give your Triumph a quick health check and give the engine a bit of a tune-up. This was one part of the show that was never without visitors.

This year saw the show celebrating 50 years of the Triumph 2000 & Bond Equipe, bringing in a good display of both vehicles in various conditions – from rolling restorations, through to Concours favourites.

With this in mind, the Concours is a big part of this particular classic car show, with it being seen as the most prestigious in the Triumph calendar.

Triumph TR6Although there were a number of class winners, the top “Masterclass” prize went to Paul Griffes with his stunning TR6.

Outside a few murky hangovers, the weekend was a great success for the Triumph Sport Six Club and the associated clubs involved. The show still has the potential to be much bigger and we hope to see it grow and grow in coming years.

We look forward to next year.


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