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Little Classics Feature: 23 September 2013

Morris Travellers Celebrate Their 60th

Autumn Classic - Heritage Motor CentreMorris Minor Owners ClubEach year the Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon puts on its Autumn Classic, a classic car event to draw in owners and enthusiasts alike. For 2013 the event on 22nd September welcomed the Morris Minor Owners Club to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Morris Traveller going into production.

Over a hundred Morris Travellers, alongside a number of other classic Morris cars, dominated the event; with a scattering of fellow classic cars including AC, Alvis, Jaguar, Ford and TVR.

Morris Minor ConvertibleThose with convertibles could just about get away with keeping the roof down, ensuring that a few got to enjoy the wind in their hair.

A number of the classic cars on show stood out, either because of work needed, or the immaculate work already complete.

It would be fair to say, with so many pristine classics, any concours competition would struggle to split a number of the cars in attendance.

Morris Traveller HearseOne in particular, with purple chameleon paint and several upgrades to cope with the new Toyota engine hiding under the bonnet, certainly attracted a few stares.

Personally, I was quite taken by a beautiful black Morris Traveller modified as a hearse! This little car didn’t leave too much room for the more lofty occupants.

However, on what would be your last journey anyway, it would be a classy and most desirable way to get to your final resting place.

Heritage Motor CentreOf course, being on site of the Heritage Motor Centre meant most took advantage of the fantastic museum of British motor heritage.

As one of the country’s key guardians of motoring history, the museum paints a fascinating picture, from the very start of motoring, through to the present day - definitely worth a visit.

A few cars from the day


Morris Minor tuned Morris Minor tuned engine
Morris Minor in black Morris Minor in light blue
Morris Minor Morris Minor Pickup
Morris Minor Van restoration Morris Minor Traveller
Morris Minor Traveller Morris Minor Traveller
Morris Minor Traveller Morris Travellers
Triumph TR and Jaguar XJS Vauxhall Victor
Autumn Classic AC Ace
Alvis Daimler Six Coupe
Ford Anglia Ford Prefect
Jaguar XJS Lotus Esprit



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