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Event Review: JEC National Southern Day
When: 1 September 2013
Venue: Littlecote House

Jaguars turn up in their hundreds to Littlecote House

Jaguars at Littlecote HouseHundreds of Jaguars filled the grounds of Littlecote House on a sunny Sunday to poke about and salivate over a historic spectrum of Jaguars, from the SS100 through to the F-Type - with a Jaguar XJR15, XJ220, XJ13, an armoured XJ and a host of E-types, XK120s and every other model in between.

From cars for sale, through to Concours displays, it was hard to know which way to turn first. Having torn myself away for nearly buying a rather lovely XJR-S I decided to take the random wandering approach to see what could be stumbled upon.

Jaguar XJ13There’s certainly no snobbery towards any particular era of Jaguar’s output, with just as many crowds drawn to the new F-Type on display, as there were for any XJ6, 420 or even S-Type diesel.

The highlight of the show was the one and only XJ13, which holds a special place in the heart of most Jaguar enthusiasts as Jaguar’s still-born legend – never really getting a chance to show what it could have been. However, a rather handsome C-Type and a poised looking long nose E-type also receive just as much attention.

Jaguar SSA particular favourite of ours was a stunning SS that would make Cruella de Vil look subtle and would not look out of place in any evil genius car collection. This stunning machine is not something seen very often, but something I yearned to own. It was simply fabulous.

The Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club National Southern Day follows an earlier “Northern Day” held earlier in the year as their two key summer events. We can confirm that from our view it was a great success and we hope to be at both next year.


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