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Little Classics Feature: 10 February 2015

Are You Ready for Drive it Day 2015?

Little Classics Triumph Spitfire 1500

2015 Drive it Day: Sunday 26 April

Each year Drive It Day is held on the Sunday nearest to 23 April to commemorate the 64 cars that left London on the first day of The Royal Automobile Club Thousand Mile Trial on 23 April 1900. Starting in London and passing through Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, up to Scotland and then weaving its way back to London, the original trial took 19 days, ending on 12 May with 46 of the original 64 cars finishing.

Today, Drive it Day is more an initiative of The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) to get our classics out on the road (rather than some 1,000 mile challenge). However, it’s not just some jolly to encourage the use of our classic cars, but also a campaign to protect historic vehicle owners’ rights to use the public highway. If everyone sees them, everyone remembers how much they love them and how important is it to keep them alive.

FBHVC estimates quarter of a million historic vehicles will take to the roads on Drive It Day with classic car clubs holding meetings and runs right across the UK. This year the event reverts to its original format where FBHVC promotes the event nationally and clubs are free to select routes and venues to suit their particular requirements.

Drive it Day 2015 Rally Plate

“Drive It Day seems to gain in popularity each year”, says FBHVC national co-ordinator, Ken Coad, “We get all types of vehicles, four, two and three wheelers, trucks, buses, tractors and even former military vehicles. The variety is endless and probably the only common factor is their age. To be classed as historic, a vehicle must be 30 years old or more.”

As well as club events all over the UK the main event will be at Brooklands Museum in Surrey.

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You can also purchase the official ‘Drive it Day’ rally plates at here:


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