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Little ClassicsFeature: 20 July 2014

A Classic Ford Transformed: Part Four

Earlier this year we started following Mike Hill of Survivor Customs as he embarked on a project to turn an unloved 1935 Ford Model Y into a tyre-burning classic hot rod. Although some will always argue these classics should be restored to factory spec, you can’t refute the striking silhouette this vehicle is already creating as it goes from rotten shell to custom classic.

It has been a few weeks since our last update, so you may want to take a look back on what’s happed so far:

  1. A Classic Ford Transformed: Part One - We introduced the car, the new chassis being installed and the 3.5 BMW M62 engine!
  2. A Classic Ford Transformed: Part Two - The sedate look of the original car, get all menacing and slightly industrial with the addition of a wooden-cladded pick-up bed.
  3. A Classic Ford Transformed: Part Three - Some fiddly stuff was required to actually link everything together.

Things are getting stiff

Sorry couldn’t resist! However, with all that new power and a lot of the original car chopped out, the little classic Ford needs to be kept rigid and safe. Roll on the bespoke roll cage.

A Classic Ford Transformed - Roll Cage Tubing

Obviously this isn’t a FIA spec racing cage, but it gives the Ford everything it needs to handle and keep everything where it should be. However, nothing in this project is really available off the shelf, so job one was to start measuring out and forming the 42mm CDS tubing into the various sections needed (above).

A Classic Ford Transformed - Welding Edges

Despite the recycled materials and deliberate shabby look, the finish of the engineering still requires top-level quality. With a bit of clever cutting on the tubing ends (above) it gave Mike much more ease when welding, and also gave a small amount of freedom to adjust this tailor-fitted cage to the snug dimensions of the little classic cab.

This roll-cage may be unconventional for a model of this type, but seeing as the Ford is less than unconventional everywhere else it fits perfectly for both practical application and style.

A Classic Ford Transformed - Roll Cage Fitted

With the roll cage complete, including side impact bars and gearbox tunnel, we eagerly await the next stage of the restoration from Mike.

We’ll have another update soon, but in the meantime, Cherished Vehicle Insurance will be getting every little notice from Mike as the project continues.


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