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Little Classics Feature: 31 August 2014

A Classic Ford Transformed: Part Five

1935 Classic Ford Model YIt’s been over a month since the last update from Mike Hill and his work transforming a 1935 Ford Model Y into a custom hot rod pick-up. It’s quite clear that some would prefer to see the classic Ford restored to its original factory condition. However, many are also appreciating the work and imagination of Mike in creating a very striking vehicle.

See the last update of the Classic Ford Model Y

Since the last update the welder has been out again, adding further detail and strength to the chassis.

void between the chassis of the truck and the actual body shell

The first job was to fill the large void between the chassis of the truck and the inner body shell (above). Mike explains: “Tying everything together like this is going to make it really structurally solid. As you can see, this will also help to keep everything solid around the steering box mounting points.”

welding in place

The welding was done using 2mm sheet steel and as Mike says, it doesn’t need to be pretty: “At this point the welds don't have to be neat as long as they sit higher than the body as they will be flushed off to make a smooth finished one piece structure.”

neat welding

When it comes to adding bespoke parts, it doesn’t always require the highest levels of technology. In fact a piece of cardboard can do so much other tools can’t.

Cardboard template

“I use template card a lot when doing work like this as measuring equipment on its own is never enough to achieve the intricate shapes. This is then transferred to steel sheet, cut out and fitted up to the vehicle.”

Classic Ford welding

The next stage was to work on the steering drag link. This is an important job, joining the steering box to the front end. It turned out to be a long and exhaustive part of the restoration but it’s important to get it right.

steering drag link

The drag link arm is made from a mild steel tubing 3mm thick, 26mm outside diameter and 23mm inside diameter. The tie rod ends are just the right fit to be tapped in and plug-welded through the holes in the pipe.

steering drag link plug welded

He plug-welded it up and gave it a flush finish. When added it to the car it fitted perfectly. More importantly it worked perfectly.

Welding completed on classic Ford Model Y

Things may be slow-going, but the transformation of this classic car continues to move forward. While we wait for Mike’s next update, you can also keep track of progress on the Cherished Vehicle Insurance Facebook page.


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