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Little Classics Feature: 25 September 2014

A Classic Fiat 850 Restoration: Final Part

A classic Fiat 850 restoration

In the fourth and final instalment of this restoration of a classic Fiat 850 we see the result of weeks of hard work to bring an old and forgotten car back to life (above), with a few upgrades along the way.

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The home straight of this restoration begins with the final exterior details and interior where they had to call in some favours from Bob’s sons Lee and Rob.

Rob, who is a carpet fitter by trade, helped fit all the carpets inside to give a perfect finish. He also helped them add some black and red piping to the seats and door interiors, bringing the interior to life.

Fiat 850 interior

Lee, who had originally given the little classic its new white paint would really make his impact when he painted the roof with a striking chequered pattern. It was a painstakingly long process, taking over two days to complete but the result was incredible.

Getting it in working order

Fiat 850 roof

With everything starting to look good on the outside, the guys decided it was time to put the car through its paces to find any remaining small jobs that needed doing before the MOT.

Under the bonnet (boot) they discovered a number of small and fiddly jobs but soon had everything in working order. The engine was purring nicely so attention once again turned to the exterior where there was a number of final jobs to be completed.

New handles were added and so were new headlights – although this was not straightforward, having to source some from Leeds after encountering problems with the sizes.

Engine bay Fiat 850

They also re-fitted all the windows - without a single crack! An Abarth grille was fitted along with period spotlights, various transfers and badges and bonnet

MOT Time

Bob drove the restored Fiat to a local garage where he asked them check the tracking and set the headlights. Then it was time for the MOT.

Anyone who has restored a classic car before knows that nervous feeling when all your hard work is going to be judged by the MOT station. And without any issues the little classic car passed with flying colours.

Classic Fiat 850

Although we have covered this restoration over the past few months, the full story actually spanned over two and a half years. However, the guys did it and did it in style.

Well done guys and also our thanks to Cherished Vehicle Insurance and their blog for sending us many of the photos of this restoration. It’s now time to see if they’ve caught the bug and will be doing more classic restorations soon.


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