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Little Classics News: 16 February 2016

Eagle Completes Their Trilogy with the Spyder GT

Eagle Spyder GT E-Type

Eagle are at it again; bringing modern life to classics Jaguar souls. Following the much loved Eagle Speedster and the Eagle Low Drag GT (both below), the third incarnation of the famous E-type combines a bit of both, giving birth to the Eagle Spyder GT.

Eagle Speedster and the Eagle Low Drag GT

Eagle has been fettling, upgrading and evolving old jags for over thirty years, giving them plenty of time and experience to build the perfect E-type. Somehow they manage to strike quite a tricky balance between evolution and sympathy to the original recipe. There will be purists who shudder, but we have to admit, we struggle not to be huge fans.

Eagle Spyder GT bodyshell

The Eagle Speedster was the car that made Eagle more than a restoration and evolution company and pushed them closer to being a manufacturer. However, it wasn’t always planned; it was developed from a client request and then feted around the world. It became the subject of countless magazine features and covers, articles in national newspapers and also starred on Top Gear in 2011 where Jeremy Clarkson fell in love with it.

Eagle Spyder GT aluminium shell

The Eagle Low Drag GT - inspired by Malcolm Sayer’ s exquisite Low Drag Coupe developed for Jaguar in1961 - followed soon after. International press coverage and ecstatic reviews again followed, culminating with a feature on BBC’ s Top Gear in 2015.

Eagle Spyder GT rear

Now these two exceptional E-Types are joined by the third in the trilogy - the Eagle Spyder GT. With the performance of the Low Drag GT and similar styling of the Speedster, the Spyder GT’s raked windscreen and folding roof offer the best of both worlds – even when it rains!

Eagle Spyder GT shell interior

An all-aluminium E-Type lightweight roadster based around an original 1960’ s classic. Every line and detail is honed and performance is greatly enhanced. Each of the very few produced will have an entirely bespoke specification dependent of the specific desires of each client.

Eagle Spyder GT interior

Paul Brace, Design Director at Eagle comments: “Development of the Spyder GT began soon after the launch of the Speedster in 2011 and, like everything we produce, we wanted to ensure that we got as close to perfection as humanly possible.”

Henry Pearman, Eagle Founder & MD comments: “Like many, my love of the E-Type set hold at a very young age and has become a lifetime's dedication. The team here at Eagle have taken this love of E-Types to a new dimension by creating the ultimate trilogy of special edition E-Types - complementing the beautiful originals that form the backbone here at Eagle.”

The first Eagle Spyder GT will be presented to the commissioning customer during the Summer of 2016.

We expect it will not be cheap!


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