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Little Classics News: 10 May 2014

Bullitt Tribute from Silverstone Classic

Bullitt Tribute from Silverstone Classic Mustang and ChargerThe epic car chase from the classic 1968 film Bullitt is still one of the most iconic of all time; famous for the high-speed pursuit across the hilly streets of San Francisco. However a special homage to the original, staring the legendary Steve McQueen in the famous Ford Mustang GT fastback, sees the Silverstone Grand Prix circuit as the set – all in preparation of this summer’s Silverstone Classic, which will see the Mustang celebrate its 50th Anniversary.

The 3 minute tribute gives a nod to the visual style and events of the revered Bullitt chase. It starts with the McQueen character (Frank Bullitt) in his Highland Green coloured Ford Mustang GT and the badies in an intimidating black Dodge Charger R/T (our favourite, if we’re honest) on the streets of a sleepy Silverstone village.

Bullitt Tribute from Silverstone ClassicThe plot then switches to the Silverstone Circuit where you can get just as much joy from the V8 soundtrack as you can from the sight of these beautiful American muscle classics leaning and pitching around the track.

See the Silverstone Classic Tribute to Bullitt

Adding to the doting imitation, the modern pastiche is full of nods to the original. The Mustang pops up in the Charger’s rear view mirror and there’s even a mysterious green VW Beetle in several of the shots.

“It’s hard to imagine a better way for us to celebrate the Mustang’s forthcoming 50th birthday party than by making this special homage to the classic car chase in Bullitt,” said Nick Wigley, Silverstone Classic Event Director. “As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun making this film – not least as it gave us all a great excuse to watch the original movie once again!”

The Mustang and Charger will be part of huge displays and a special Saturday on-track parade organised together with the Mustang Owners Club, which has chosen the Classic for its official golden anniversary celebrations.

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