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Legal: Classic cars and bikes

Our classic cars and bikes can often fall under different standards and rules to some of their modern counterparts. Therefore it is worth familiarising yourself with a few key legal areas.

Classic car and bike insurance

There are a number of companies that now specialise in insurance for classic cars and classic motorcycles. This led to special policies being devised to include limited mileage, laid-up cover, and agreed valuations. Continue reading>>

Road Tax for classic cars and bikes

Some classics are now classed as Historic Vehicles and are no longer required to contribute towards road tax. They still need a tax disc, but it’s free! Continue reading>>

MOT exemptions

Some classics require an MOT, but with a few leniencies, yet others don’t require an MOT at all. Find out what exemptions may apply to your classic car or bike. Continue reading>>

Vintage number plates

Some of the vintage style plates may look nice but can you legally use them on your classic vehicle? Continue reading>>

Classic vehicle registration

Whether restoring a classic or rescuing one from death, you need to understand how to maintain your vehicle’s identity or find its old one. Continue reading>>


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