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Little Classics is a media platform for the classic car and classic motorcycle industry both here in the UK and abroad. We cover general news across the industry, such as auctions, events, reviews, product releases, policy updates and campaigns – as well as a number of our own features and opinions.

We are always looking for good content and so we welcome your opinions, news releases and feature articles. Please read the guidance below before submitting any contributions or news.

All contributions can be sent

The following is some basic information to help you contribute to Little Classics:

  1. Press releases / news
  2. Events & auctions
  3. Features & opinion pieces
  4. Buyers’ guides
  5. Expert pieces
  6. Club directory
  7. Directory of marques and models
  8. How it works
  9. Other contributions
  10. A note about all contributions

1. Submitting press releases / news

Think first before you send it. Would you want to read it? We accept all press releases based on the following criteria:

  • They are newsworthy and not just a blatant plug (see “events & auctions” below)
  • They are related to the classic car and classic motorcycle industry
  • They are submitted in the body of an email or Word format (we will not accept pdfs)
  • Any images provided are of an online publishing quality (jpeg preferred)
  • You accept that copy may be edited
  • You accept that notice or proofs will not be provided before publishing
  • You accept that there is no guarantee of copy being published

2. Submitting events & auctions

We do not accept blatant plugs for general products or service, but we do accept promotional notices for events and auctions for the classic car and classic motorcycle industry. We cannot guarantee that all events will be listed, but will try our best to list all events we feel are of interest to our visitors.

Please ensure that you include the following in all event submissions:

  • Dates(s)
  • Location
  • Title/brand name
  • Short descriptions (up to 150 words)
  • Any relevant images (in jpeg format)
  • Any limitations of attendance
  • Any costs/ticket prices
  • Contact details or web address

3. Submitting features & opinion pieces

It may be a feature about some new legislation, safe working practice, a historic overview, or even a write-up from an expedition or event. These type of contributions may be classed into several different categories (news, features, expert guides etc) and we will make that call and consider them accordingly. We can’t guarantee that all submissions will be used, but the following will improve your chances:

  • Is it interesting to read: would you want to read it?
  • Don’t make it promotional. That’s the first thing to turn our editor off.
  • Proof read your work. Badly written material means we need to spend more time editing it, which means we may decide we would prefer to have a cup of tea and not bother.
  • Keep it concise (unlike this page)! Online readers rarely want more than 400 words. Only provide a longer piece if it’s really riveting. If you send us a four page review, we’ll probably just give up and go to the pub.
  • Include relevant images (which you have the right to use).

4. Submitting buyers’ guides

Little Classics is building a comprehensive list of “Buyers’ Guides” for all ranges of classic cars and classic motorbikes. If you are a proficient writer and are expert enough to provide objective, informative, concise and accurate buyers’ guides, then we want to hear from you. Relevant images are very welcome.

5. Submitting expert pieces

From how to weld aluminium, to what’s the best way of balancing carburettors; we want to build a comprehensive guidance sections for those that are restoring and maintaining classic cars and motorcycles. We are looking for well written, easy-to-follow and accurate expert pieces. Relevant images help support these submissions hugely. If you are unsure that your submission will be of interest, please feel free to contact us first.

6. Contributing to our club directory

We are building one of the UK’s most inclusive and detailed club directories to provide each classic car and classic motorcycle club in the UK the opportunity to reach relevant people. We don’t charge clubs for this full page profile, but we do ask that any submissions are for real and an authentic clubs. We want to know the following:

  • Club name
  • Specific interest (any classic car/bike, or specific to certain makes or models)
  • Coverage (whether it’s national or for a particular region)
  • Short profile (up to 300 words) covering what the outlook, activity, purpose of the club is – plus anything else you want to say
  • Any club logo (jpeg)
  • Any supporting images (jpeg)
  • Any regular meeting details
  • Any cost information
  • Contact details (including website if there is one)

Contact us and we will send you a template form to make submissions easier.

7. Contributing to our directory of marques and models

From the little known shed operations to the multinational giants, we want to build a directory that gives information on every make and model of car and motorcycle ever built (pre 1990). All submissions must be accurate, but every little helps; whether you are sending a full detailed inventory of Austin Cars, or just the production dates for Sun Motorcycles.

8. Contributing to ‘How it works’

It’s sad to say that many classics now have parts that only classic owners understand. In fact many classic owners don’t even understand them. However, we need to ensure that the next generation are not put off by talk of ‘points’, ‘dynamos’ and ‘cross-ply tyres’. We want to build a detailed encyclopaedia or all classic terminology and parts, so that we can keep this knowledge alive.

We are looking for contributions that provide background, imagery, functional descriptions and advice for everything from spark plugs to overdrive systems.

9. Other contributions

If you have any contributions not covered above, please don’t worry. We are open to suggestions. Just contact us on the main media email above and ask.

10. A note about all contributions

By submitting any contributions, you are confirming that you have the right to do so and that you are submitting copy which is true, decent and legal. Little Classics cannot accept liability for the contents of any contributions, despite our effort to check copy. By submitting images, you are confirming that you have the right to use these images and are passing that right onto Little Classics for use in relation to your submission.


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