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Classic car and classic motorcycle racing has been the motivation for keeping many legendary racing machines in fighting fitness for years. This dedication to keeping the old metal working means it is something special seeing an early Matchless motorcycle setting a time at the Isle of Man TT, or seeing an Aston Martin DB3 at the LeMans Classic. However, the sight of these machines alone is nothing compared to piloting them yourself.

Racing, whether classic or not, is not the same as taking your classic to a track day. In many cases you are going to need a racing licence of some kind, along with some regulation gear and possibly vehicle modifications. Don’t panic though. There are many different forms of racing to suit all levels and most budgets – with some events being ideal for dipping your toe in the petrol.

For some classic racing you need little more than a road legal machine, a driving licence (not a racing licence) and membership to a recognised car or motorcycle club. At this level, racing can be very affordable and still just as fun. As soon as you get into more competitive levels (especially with multiple vehicles on the track simultaneously) you are going to need a racing licence – and potentially more modifications and gear. The joy of this is that you can try out motorsport at the simpler level and learn as you go; meaning it’s less daunting, with just a series of obvious steps.

The following will provide the basics of how to get started, some ideas of which licences are required and what to expect. However, this is not a comprehensive resource on all regulations and requirements. If this flavour of classic racing switches you on, then we highly recommend that you spend a bit more time on the official regulatory websites:

  • For car racing: Motor Sport Association (MSA):
  • For bike, quad and sidecar racing: Auto Cycle Union (ACU):
Classic Car Racing

Classic Car Racing

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Classic Bike Racing

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