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Classic Motorcycle Clubs

Little Classics lists a host of classic motorcycle clubs from across the UK, which can vary quite dramatically in both size and focus. Some will be very specific to one particular bike model or a certain age, whereas other won’t mind what you’re riding, as long as you’re riding.

It is worth speaking to them first to find out if they get involved in any forms of motorsport and what support they offer to members looking to get involved.

Driving/Racing Schools

Some motorsport will require training as part of the licence needed to compete. However, no matter what you’re looking for, it is always worth looking to get some expert tuition to build your confidence and skill. Not only will it make life safer, but much more enjoyable too.

The following will help you find the right school:

The ACU certify coaches for the various motorsport training. Contact them to find your nearest certified coach.

Racing information

To get into racing we recommend that you have a look around the ACU website to see which licence you may require, if any, and gain all the detailed information to take your first steps into classic motorsport.


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