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Classic Bike RacingSafety Equipment

If you already take your classic motorcycle out on the road, then you should already have the basic safety clothing. However, whereas some safety gear will meet ACU standards, a lot will not. For example, I know someone who wears leather gardening gloves as motorcycle gloves! I would suspect that the scrutineers may notice that this falls shorts of proper protective gear for a track race!

You will also find that one helmet which meets the standards for normal road use, will not be safe for Trials, or a road race.


You can find new helmets for less than £50. Although part of this is because of the brand name not being famous, you may also find that the materials are not quite as good as others. Get the best you can afford. Your head is one appendage you can’t live without. I would look to spend £150 - £300.

Jacket, trousers, and full suits

Leather is still king, but other materials have become brilliant over recent years. What you need here will vary on what you’re doing: you may have noticed that Motocross will require rather different gear to track racing. I would budget between £250 and £400 to get your “leathers”.

Body armour

Some competitions, such as Trials can very easily throw you on your back – which may snap if you don’t have the right protection. There are some very good body armour and back protectors for competition use, which you can get for less than £100.


Although you can get boots for about £50, I would look to spend at least £100 (and you can easily spend three times that).


You can get gloves from about £50 upwards.

Note on the above

The variations of what you need means that you may or may not be able to use what you already use for everyday use. This means costs will vary massively depending on what you are looking to do. All we can say is that buy the best you can; buy from reputable distributors only (there are fakes out there which can end up being deadly); and assume that you will hit the deck at some point – this helps keep the importance of it all in mind.

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