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Clearly the bike is the biggest outlay, with the cost of any additional safety gear coming is second. This is obviously going to vary greatly depending on what you buy and what type of racing you choose to do, but there is no reason that for something like a road rally, you couldn’t be entering with a set-up that has cost less than £1000.

In addition, a motorcycle club is going to cost you less than £50 a year and then you are only left with the cost of fuel, and the cost of entering (plus any repair costs/medical bills if you crash).

With the entry cost of some hill climbs or road rallies less than £100, cost is not really a barrier to entry. It makes it a very cost effective way to dip your toe in the water and get the feel for a bit of competitive riding before you move onto more involved stuff.

One cost that would be highly advisable would be a few additional riding courses to help give you some additional confidence. This will not only make it much safer for you and your classic bike, but it will also enable you to enjoy the racing much more.

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