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Racing has always been a thread woven through the fabric of car production. Enzo Ferrari realised very early on that to make a real success of his racing operation he needed to sell road cars. Even our own humble teams with people like Colin Chapman knew that racing and car sales went hand-in-hand.

These early and developing days of racing spawned legends from both men and machine and saw heroes of the track become idols. The sad truth was, however, that much of the early day of racing was exciting, charismatic and soulful, because it was bloody dangerous. Many people lost their lives, and it was only people like Jackie Stewart, who put safety above popularity, and started to change that approach.

Those classic days of racing may now be gone, but many of the machines are not. From LeMans winners, through to more humble saloon and Trials vehicle, these vintage and classic cars still want to be stretched.

Classic and historic car racing needn’t only be for the rich and hugely talented (although some is). You too can take to the track (or field, or hill) without having to take out a second mortgage or sell the children. We’re not saying that we can turn you into the next Mike Hawthorne, but we can help you to have some fun with your classic – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

The following pages provide a flavour of what may be possible and some of the basics to consider.

Classic Car Racing


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