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It’s not just a matter of putting on some bigger exhausts and racing stickers.

Although some classic car racing can be entered with little or no modifications, some will require more involved work.

Key areas to consider are:

Fire prevention/reduction

Many forms of racing will require certain interior element to be removed to reduce flammable elements; upgraded fuel lines and cut-off switches to reduce the chance of fire through extreme performance or collisions; and built in or on-board fire extinguishers.

Structural strength

A full or part roll-cage will be required with some races. This is something that you can do yourself, but only if you really do have the ability and have passed the Custom Cage weld test. The role-cage not only has to meet MSA regulation standards (a certificate will be asked for), but it may also be the thing that saves your life. There are a number or companies that specialise in this field and do not cost a fortune to use. If using a supplier, ensure that their product meets MSA and FIA standards.

Driver positioning/seating

If you’re fitting a roll cage, then it is quite likely that you will also be required to fit a regulation race seat, with race harness- all set in the correct position. Again, this is something that is best done by experts.

Car maintenance

If you are going to do all of the above, don’t think that you can roll up at a track without someone checking your car. If they find damaged shock absorbers, leaking oil or any other signs that the car is anything but race-worthy you may as well pack up and go home there and then. Keep the car well maintained and cared for. The ability to get underneath the car will aid in this hugely, so some basic ramps would be a minimum investment.

Illegal modifications

Even if you comply 100% with the above, you still need to meet a number of other specification. This will vary with different forms of motorsport, but don’t think that fitting a massive supercharger and Nitro kit to your Austin A35 won’t be noticed. Each form of racing will be able to provide guidelines on what is and what isn’t allowed. For classic racing the rules are slightly more realistic than what you see with F1, but don’t think you can bend them all.

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