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Nearly all racing will require you to have some basic safety equipment that meets the MSA standards. The MSA Blue Book will provide this information, but as a starter, it is worth considering the following:

MSA approved helmet

This will be checked by the scrutineer each race with your first requiring a MSA sticker (don’t worry, it will only cost a quid). If the scrutineer feels that the helmet is not up to standard, due to wear or damage, you will not be racing, so look after it and don’t shy away from replacing it when you need to. Approved MSA race helmets can be purchased for about £150 upwards.

Flameproof overalls

These need to meet minimum standards and so you can’t just wear the ones you use for working on the car. Suitable suits will start from around £150 and will go up from there, depending on what you want.


Standards again! No mittens allowed, especially if there is a piece of string that goes through the arms of your race suit to stop you losing them. Don’t worry though, the right standard gloves start at around £35.

Flameproof boots

They are not a basic standard for all racing, but they’re a good idea. Not only are they designed for driving, but they also help if you’re engulfed in flames (briefly). You can find these for about £100 upwards.

Flameproof underwear and balaclavas

Iinsert your own joke! Not mandatory in some racing, but recommended for many. You could get everything for about £100

Note on the above

The prices above are from research to get the minimum required or reasonable standard at the time of writing. If I was flying towards a crash barrier I don’t think I would still be smiling about the £200 quid I saved – get the very best you can afford!

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