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Having a racing licence can sometimes seem like a mystical and daunting step. In fact, gaining a licence can be just as fun and rewarding as racing itself – and some forms of motorsport require nothing more than a regular full driving licence or membership to a club.

If you are already part of a car club, contact them to see what events they organise and what support or information they can provide to ensure you have what you need to compete.

When it comes to racing licences, there are many different licence types. However, it only gets more complicated once you really want to be competing in many different and more competitive forms of motorsport. Some of the more basic motorsports, such as certain Trials, Autotests and Road Rallies, will not require a MSA Competition Licence. Some will ask merely for a driving licence or for you to be a member of a MSA recognised car club.

For those types of racing requiring any form of competitive racing licence, you will find that they fall into four main grades:

  • Clubman
  • National B
  • National A
  • International

Most racing that requires a competitive licence will have entry levels that only require Clubman or National B, with higher levels of licence being required if you progress to the more competitive ranks. Each of these licences will have sub groups for specific types of racing such as Stage Rally National A, or Race National B. The full details on all of these sub-categories and requirements can be found on the MSA website. For the majority of your racing needs (at this stage) you will not need anything higher than a National B licence.

Historic Racing Licences

The MSA recognise that classic and historic racing is a field in its own right and as such there are some motorsports that have specific Historic Racing Licences. Historic races, if officially recognised by the MSA as a historic race, often come with the need to have additional papers to confirm the historic authenticity of the vehicle being raced. All of these documents can be downloaded from the MSA website.

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