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For racing events like Hill Climbs or Autotests, where you don’t need a racing licence or modified car, you could be racing quickly and for no more than the cost of the car, a club membership, some safety gear and the day ticket price.

Obviously, the price of the car will depend on your choice. Plus you will be spending approximately £500+ on safety gear. Most club memberships are less than £50 per year. Then it’s just the cost of entry - many entry level Hill Climb events will only cost you between £80 and £140.

So, you may have an initial cost of anything from £1000, to £[insert your own dream car price] for your car and gear, but from there it's fairly cheap to get going.

You obviously need to factor in fuel and wear on tyres (and everything else), but this does not need to cost the earth.

If you enjoy it, you can choose to get more involved. If for some reason you don’t, you can sell most of what you’ve bought and the whole loss could be less than a couple of hundred pounds.

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