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From the very first motorcycle built by Gottlieb Daimler to demonstrate his internal combustion engine, through to some of the best know modern classics, classic motorbikes hold a special place in many people’s hearts.

Whether you prefer your bikes to cruise along Route 66, or blast around Donington, they all need care and they’re all at their best when they’re alive.

There have been numerous motorcycle manufacturers throughout the years, producing some of our most loved classics. Unfortunately, most are long gone, but their creations live on…

This section hosts a range of resources for your classic motorcycles, from classic bike clubs, classic racing, restoration services, recommendations, guides and the history of nearly all motorcycle marques.

This is a continually growing resource and we are keen to have your input. If you are interested in contributing to these important resources please see our contributors’ pages.

Classic Motorcycle Marques

Classic motorcycle marques

Listing many classic motorbike makes and models, along with history behind them. More>>

Classic Motorcycle Clubs

Classic motorcycle clubs

From those dedicated to single bike marques, to those that don’t care what you’re riding, as long as you’re riding. More>>

Classic Motorcycle Racing

Classic motorcycle racing

All you need to know, whether you’re dedicated to the smooth black stuff, or fancy getting muddy. More>>

Classic Motorcycle Restoration

Classic motorbike restoration

Parts, suppliers, experts and various services. It’s all about keeping these important machines alive. More>>

Classic Motorcycle Buyers' Guides

Buyers’ guides

Your essential guides to buying a classic motorbike. More>>


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