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Classic Cars

From late 19th century vintage creations to the more common modern classics, classic cars come in many shapes and sizes – and price brackets. Their history is varied and so are the people behind their foundation, development and success (or demise).

This section brings you a comprehensive resource for all your classic cars needs from classic car clubs, classic racing, restoration services, recommendations, guides and the history of nearly all motoring marques.

Much of this is a growing and developing beast. If you are interested in contributing to these important resources please see our contributor pages.

Classic Car Marques

Classic car marques

Listing many classic car makes, models, their history and the people behind them. More>>

Classic Car Clubs

Classic car clubs

From little known local clubs to some of the biggest international clubs around. More>>

Classic Car Racing

Classic car racing

What you need to know, who you need to talk to and how much it may cost! More>>

Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restoration

Services, suppliers, parts, guides and recommendations. Everything you need to keep these important machines alive. More>>

Classic Car Buyers' Guides

Buyers’ guides

Your essential guides to buying a classic car. More>>


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