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Automotive History

1886 Benz MotorwagenThe history of the car and motorcycle is vast. Our many beloved classic cars and bikes have developed over years of work across countless fields, all having to combine to make these machines possible. From the invention of the engine to the desire for competition, they have all played an important role.

This section looks at some of the key elements that built the foundations of what we consider classic cars and motorcycles today.

Engine History

From the very first steam engines and electric motors through to the huge success of the internal combustion engine. To understand the foundations of cars and motorcycles, you must first get a grasp of what powers them.

This concise overview covers some of the more common elements of the invention, workings and automotive use of the engine. Continue reading>>

Classic Car History

What started out as a few carts being dragged around by horses has led to vehicles capable of breaking the sound barrier. However, this took quite a few steps to get there. From initial utilisation of the steam engine, to overcoming various hurdles and dealing with wars.

The history of our classic cars is neither simple nor short. However, here we take a brief glimpse at some key elements. Continue reading>>

Classic Motorcycle History

The invention of the motorcycle is often attributed to Gottlieb Daimler, although this is not the full story. In fact several other motorcycles were designed, built and displayed long before Daimler’s “Riding Wagen”.

Read the story behind the invention of the motorbike, the key people involved and the developments that led to our beloved classic motorcycles. Continue reading>>


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