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The development of the car

Early steam cars were slow heavy machines that could be used for carrying heavy loads or a number of people. Smaller versions were also developed for more personal use, but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the possibilities of the car started to present themselves.

Early cars were nothing more than mechanical carriages and carts. However, as the technology developed our human curiosity and competitive nature started to push the development of the car down various different side-roads.

We not only started to think about competing with each other in races, but we also started to demand better and more cost effective machines. Over the years, everything from fuel crises to times of affluence would drive the development of the car, with fashion, social status and brand playing an everlasting role.

A car we can drive

Today we are accustomed to all modern cars being laid out the same, allowing us to jump out of one and into another without any issues. A number of vintage vehicles show that this was not always the case. Continue reading>>

Our competitive nature

Give two blokes the chance to compete and they will… Motor racing has had a huge impact on the development of our early cars. Continue reading>>

The demand for value

Cars were once exclusively for the rich, but modern business approaches led to cars that all could afford. Continue reading>>

In times of war...

The destructive nature of war has huge impacts on all kinds of industries. The car industry was one area that war had a very particular impact on. Continue reading>>

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