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Classic Car History

Early Steam Car PictationSince man first realised that he could dupe animals into doing his work, he has been trying to get them to do more and more. Early uses of oxen, elephants, horses (and whatever else we could get our hands on) meant we could use their strength to pull and carry stuff that we couldn’t be arsed to do ourselves.

This eventually led to wooden carts being developed to create a form of transport that was both fast (faster than us anyway) and able to carry multiple people and things. We stuck with this idea, developing more elaborate and specialised waggons, carts and carriages.

The use of carriages was not exactly considered unsuitable and most were very happy with this form of transport. However, a few visionaries saw the future. With the invention of the steam engine, a new source of power could replace the horse. A source of propulsion that could potentially produce more power and not require you to keep a horse alive. The car was born!

The adoption of the car was not without its issues, but key inventors, visionaries and engineers persevered. As the car developed, the possibilities grew. New sporting competition would fuel the development of speed. The threat and actions of war would help develop reliability and strength. The needs of business would build mass production.

The car became woven into all corners of the fabric of life, changing the world more than those early inventors could ever imagine. Today, those early vehicles are cherished as vintage and classic cars, seen as important engineering masterpieces and works of art.

The invention of the car

Some famous names are attached to the in invention of the car, with us pretty certain where it all began. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple and our classic cars owe much more to a much wider group of people than you may think. Find out more>>

Early hurdles

Legislation and propaganda is not a new concept. Early cars were marred with legislation and pressure from those unlikely to profit, making their development a slow and painful process. Find out more>>

The development of the car

Once born, the car soon became many things to many people. Its application in competition, war, business and freedom started to drive the automotive industries. Our desire for cars and what we wanted them to do created a fast paced progress. Find out more>>


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